Interactive Workshops

Instructor-Led Training for the Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Medical Device Industry

Face-to-face, instructor-led training is the most effective way for your sales team to get sustainable results from their prework/self-study activities.

Our interactive workshops link knowledge to action by helping participants integrate what they’ve learned into their selling skills, apply their knowledge to the selling task, and practice in role plays or simulations.

We develop workshops for all levels and needs, including new hire and advanced training, launch training, and to support ongoing POA meetings. 

Maximize Valuable Face-to-Face Training Time

Our interactive workshops are designed to make the most of participants’ time away from the field. After mastering essential knowledge in prework activities, they’re ready to start applying their knowledge, interacting with and learning from each other, and preparing for high performance when they return to the job.

A blend of activities covers the range of learning, including:

  • knowledge review (review/know)
  • application and practice of specific skills and behaviors (apply/practice)
  • situation-specific application and role play (integrate to action)
  • certification, upon successful completion of the workshop, in the behaviors and skills practiced (certify)

Learning tools such as ActionMats, patient cases, and games provide a structure for interactive learning, competition, and fun.  

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