Why Whole Systems?

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Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Medical Device Training That Links Knowledge to Action

Our learning solutions are:


  • All solutions are developed using a performance lens: What do your representatives need to be able to DO when selling your product to be optimally successful?
  • Carries through all phases of training, from self study to virtual to live activities and beyond
  • Ensures learners link knowledge and skills to selling actions and behaviors


  • Brings the patient experience to life with a framework based on the patient journey story
  • Presents knowledge in the context of what’s important to your customers’ decision making
  • Relevant to the way healthcare decision makers do their work and interact with their patients


  • Modular format provides designed-in flexibility and scalability
  • “Building blocks” of learning allow for easy, cost-effective repurposing, re-sequencing, and updating as needed


  • Designed to engage all learners, using an optimal blend of learning media
  • Includes print, eLearning, home study, virtual and classroom learning, workshops, application and practice exercises, on-the-job training, and coaching


  • Learner has easy access to learning for a focused period of time based on his or her learning and coaching needs

A Valued Partner, Not a Vendor

There’s a reason companies come back to us again and again and feel confident referring us to others. They know that our level of quality and service is unmatched in the industry.

Our highly experienced staff understands the demands of the pharmaceutical/biotechnology/medical device industry and goes the extra mile to find the creative solutions that will meet your learning needs and exceed your expectations. “We can’t do that” simply isn’t in our vocabulary.

That’s why clients tell us we’re not the like the vendors they’ve worked with in the past; we’re valued partners who put a priority on developing training that furthers their business goals.

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